Professional Cooking Classes

Professional Cooking Classes

April 13, 2018 Blogs 0

Learn what professionals do in the culinary industry with our professional cooking classes

You might be serving your love for food the right way at your home but have you thought of taking it a step further with professional cooking classes that are your first step towards becoming a professional chef? The cooking courses that we are offering are designed in a way where they suit everyone’s needs; people who are looking to become professionals and people who are taking these cooking courses for fun and learning.

Cooking courses that can land you a rewarding career

Our cooking classes are not the typical kind where they teach you two basic recipes and say goodbye. We are offering a variety of extensive cooking classes for you to choose from.

  • Ship’s Cook Certificate Assessment

    Being a chef on a restaurant in land has its perks but being a ship cook on board can give you a lavish and thrilling life that you desire through our ship’s cook certificate assessment where you are prepared to become a chief chef and make vacations exciting.

  • Food Safety Level 2 Award

    Talking about food always reminds us of cleanliness and hygiene. Our food safety course is mandatory for anyone who is in direct contact with food. Designed along the lines of the standards set by the UK government, our food safety & hygiene course is an exception and necessity for your career in the culinary industry.

  • Professional Culinary Diploma

    Want to become an accomplished chef? Opt for our professional culinary diploma where we provide you with cooking classes that are based on the lines of a commercial kitchen. Our instructors put you through the pressure that you are under while working in a commercial kitchen so you are well prepared for everything that comes your way during your job.

Chef jobs that you can get after your certification

There are a huge number of food places opening all across the country these days because trust this or not, like technology, food trends also change. Due to this pace, there are a lot of chef jobs in London, Manchester and other major cities of the UK. You can easily work in food trucks, five star restaurants, Michelin star restaurants, small food joints and what not. A professional chef initially can make up to £30,000 per annum which increases with experience and skill of cooking throughout the time.