HGV-LGV-PCV Driver Training

HGV-LGV-PCV Driver Training

April 13, 2018 Blogs 0

Pump up your driving skills with our HGV training & PCV bus driver training

Do you know that there is currently a shortage of commercial drivers in the UK which is disturbing the entire infrastructure of the transportation and logistics industry? We want to make a difference and that’s why we are offering HGV training and PCV bus driver training to help you find amazing jobs and help the government maintain a balance in the industry. it’s a win-win situation for everyone because the industry needs you and will do anything to provide you job security and you need a career that is safe and secure through our HGV training and PCV bus driver training.

Enrol in our commercial driver training courses today

Our instructors guide you to enrol in a particular driver training depending upon the vehicle that you want to drive or your job requires you to drive. For instance our LGV training has further many license categories for various sized vehicles.

  • HGV Driver Training

    Want to driver for paramedics, delivery or haulage companies? Our HGV driver training is the answer that you were looking for. We are offering CAT C license training, CAT C+ E license training, CAT C1 license training and CAT C1+ E license training with extensive mock up tests to prepare you thoroughly for your test ahead.

  • PCV Bus Driver Training

    With a few simple requirements from the government you can easily enrol in our PCV bus driver training and become a professional driver. We recommend you undergo this PCV bus driver training because it is respectable and it pays good money.

  • Forklift Training

    Get a chance to work in warehouses and manufacturing industries through our forklift training. We have the modern equipment and various kinds of forklifts to cater your needs.

Career prospects and job opportunities after your diver training

If you are looking to have a rewarding career and beneficial income yearly then you should definitely go for HGV jobs and PCV bus driver jobs in the UK. As a commercial driver you can make up to £30,000 per annum with incentives and bonuses every now and then. If you are willing to work solo, you can also work as a dispatcher with experience and skill. Our HGV training focuses on getting you a worthwhile career that will provide you security for a number of years in your life ahead.